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LED - Three letters, one amazing outcome

When it comes to making the interior of a house look amazing, there are many options to consider - from the colour of the walls, the styling of the area with glass shelving and cabinets, tiled or wooden flooring and much more. All of these, when planned properly as part of an overall design can make a home look stunning - but there is one product that when added can make the biggest difference. That product, in three letters, is LED.

LED lighting technology has advanced dramatically in recent years and LEDs are able to light up large (and small) areas of a room with unrivalled clarity and colour. Sometimes great room designs without LED lighting don’t stand out as clearly as they should and while natural light helps, it’s impossible to depend on this throughout the house – especially in winter.

The colour and brightness to make your home design stand out

LED lights are also available in various colours which helps to highlight the features of a room much more clearly by using a colour that blends with the overall theme and colour of the walls and other fixtures and fittings.

Because of their unique design, LED lights are very flexible in their design. LED lighting can be small and is available in different sizes, which means that lighting can be tailored even further to the surroundings. Spotlights, for example, can be used in smaller areas or corner spaces to make them stand out while LED lighting strips can light up main room areas. For maximum impact, you might want to consider combining different LED solutions within a room as well as throughout the house.

LED Lighting as part of the overall design plan

The next time you plan a re-design or renovation of a room in your home, make sure to include LED lighting in the overall design and planning. There could be instances where LED lighting changes the way you think about the design and instead of saying ‘it will look too dark’ you could be saying ‘with the right LED lighting, this area could look and feel amazing’.

If you have already made changes that didn’t include LED lighting, they can still be retro-fitted. Get in touch with our LED fitters to discuss your options and to see how your home can be made to look even more amazing.

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As well as being more cost-effective than traditional lighting, LED lighting is also dimmable so you can set the brightness of the room in a way that creates the perfect ambience. They also provide instant light when switched on, so the many rooms in your home can look amazing instantly, at the flick of a switch.

Great LEDs, installed to make a difference

At Lloyd Hallowell Electrics in East London, we have helped homeowners create the perfect lighting design of different rooms in their home with our selection and installation of LED lighting. View our gallery to see examples of our LED lighting designs and installations

You can also find out more by getting in touch. We would be happy to take a look at your home or office premises and recommend how you can use LED lighting to enhance your living space. To find out more, get in touch with our LED lighting specialists and call us on 07464786086.

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