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Embrace Modern Technology

Are you tired of waiting weeks for an electrician to become available? Do you struggle to find time to be home for a quotation? Lloyd Hallowell Electrics offers a fast and efficient solution using WhatsApp.

In today’s digital age, most people use their phones constantly, especially apps like WhatsApp. At Lloyd Hallowell Electrics, we leverage this technology to provide quick quotations through video submissions.

How to Fast Track Your Quotation

Step 1: Make a Video

Create a video showing the electrical work you need. Clearly explain what needs to be done. Silent videos will be ignored, so be sure to speak clearly.

Step 2: Include Contact Details

Send the video via WhatsApp, including your full name, installation address, and email address for the quotation.

Step 3: Show the Consumer Unit

Include a picture of your consumer unit (fusebox) in the video. This helps us ensure safety and proper installation.

Step 4: Provide Detailed Information

Include as much detail as possible. Show nearby sockets or lights for new installations and any replacement accessories.

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Handling Complex Jobs

If the job seems too complex to quote via video, send it anyway. Our experienced electricians will assess it and may schedule a free, no-obligation visit if needed.

Alternative Quotation Methods

If you don’t use WhatsApp, you can still send videos via iMessage, text, email, Instagram, or Facebook. If you don’t use smartphones or social media, book a free quotation through our online booking system.

Benefits of WhatsApp Quotations

Detailed Video Tips

Example: For an additional socket, show the nearest existing socket. For light fixtures, show where power can be drawn from.

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