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What to switch off when you go on holiday

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It is very important to turn off electronics when you go on holiday, but there are strong reasons to keep some devices powered on. In this article, we discuss what electrical devices should be unplugged while you are away.

The benefits of switching off when away

Going away for a much-needed break is a great way for us to relax and switch off, but should devices in our home also be given a bit of R&R?

When you turn off your devices, it saves energy. Some devices, such as Smart TVs might only save a few pennies when unplugged compared to being left on standby, but other items that are powered by electricity can be much higher in cost savings.

Hot water, for example, can cost a lot more if you are heating your hot water tank twice a day for two weeks while you are away, even though you aren’t using any water.

By turning off a range of devices and equipment, the savings can add up, and there’s also the benefits of increased safety.

While many devices use smart technology to ensure that there is no overheating, older devices are more likely to become faulty and are less “intelligent”.

The risks of issues arising while you are away are minimal but it’s better to err on the side of caution, especially if you are going to be out of your home for a week or more.

It’s just a normal day for some appliances

While you are away, hopefully enjoying the nice weather, some devices need to stay switched on. If you have food in the fridge or freezer, then it makes sense to have these appliances kept on. Fridges and freezers are designed to be kept on 24 hours a day and, although the cost of running them adds up over time, they are designed to run safely with minimal risks.

Turn Wi-Fi on or off when away?

In the past, broadband providers have recommended not to turn Wi-Fi routers off for long periods of time to avoid connectivity problems. Technology might have evolved, and this might no longer the case but we recommend following their latest advice from your provider when considering whether to turn off your home Wi-Fi while you are away.

You might also want to keep a light on to reduce the risk of someone breaking into your home, but there are other options and smart ways to do this. Using home automation, you can, for example, set the lights to be on during the night while modern CCTV is a better way to deter criminals.


While you are away, turning off as many devices as possible is a great way to save a bit of money. It’s also safer.

Leaving a modern smart TV plugged in, on standby, will cost very little extra and it doesn’t have to be unplugged but switching your hot water to Holiday Mode while you are away a great way to reduce costs.

From a safety perspective, it’s wise to unplug as many devices as possible including devices such as kettles, toasters and microwaves. Kitchen appliances, including your cooker, are more prone to sparks and potential fire risks.

They are also more likely to impact the fusebox and having a loss of power because of the trip switch cutting off power is not ideal if you have frozen food stored away for when you get back!

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